Limerent Void is looking for:

  • Translators: Japanese/English translators are preferred. Most of our works are in Japanese, but we’re currently looking for English>Spanish translators aswell.
  • Proofreaders: People who are native English speakers and are willing to both correct and modify our translations with grace and clarity.
  • Cleaners/Re-Drawers: For cleaners, no experience is needed (sorry for the moment experienced-only needed). For re-drawers, experience is required in Photoshop. If you own a tablet, even better! (It is not necessary, though.)
  • Editors: People in charge of resizing, cropping, leveling and making various adjustments. Experience needed.
  • Raw Providers: This is an optional position. If there are particular works you want to see released by our group, you are more than welcome to provide raws for us. Also this position is open for someone who is willing to acquire books for our project list and that has a scanner.

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