What's behind the smoking halo


Associated Names: None.
Author: Tojitsuki Hajime | トジツキハジメ
Genre: Seinen
Lenght: 3 volumes (complete)
Related Series: None
Original Publisher: Shogakukan
English Publisher: None
Year: 2013

Summary: A group of friends, being young and hella crazy. A daily life of these young boys and girls who have something in common their friendship and their love for skateboarding. With an amazing character design and excellent depicted situations from the sport, we see this inevitable story that was meant to be drawn by Tojitsuki’s hands.


Volume 01

Volume 02


  1. bato

    Woh Thank you for translating this manga!!! it’s so great

  2. vitalz

    Been on the search for a good manga about skateboarding. Coming across sk8r’s is a blessing, I hope to read the rest of the manga, as i’m looking for ways to read more of it atm!

  3. Maleko

    Thank you so much for sharing but he links are down.

  4. I Am A Circle

    Why hasn’t chapter 4 been released yet? It’s been around 2 years now.

    • Amarelis

      2 years? Huh, what? Ch03 was released just a month ago. Anyway, if you think releases of this particular project is going slow, you’re more than welcomed to lend a hand in our group, cleaners and typesetters are much appreciated. LVS is a small group and we do things our way, releases are out at its due time, everybody has a life outside scanlation, we do this out of a hobby, this doesn’t pay the bills honey 🙂
      P.S: Check our FAQs. Thank you in advance.

  5. sadwick

    Thank you!

  6. meodien1812

    This one had been in my Wish List for so long – Finally a group decided to do it, with such HQ scanlations! Thank you so much <3
    However I can't access the first 3 releases, seems that they got deleted on MEGA. Would you mind check it for me?

    • Amarelis

      Thanks for letting me know. With the change of domain and mega accounts, those three links got moved, now they should be working just fine.

  7. Daelah

    Thank you so much!

    • Amarelis

      You’re welcome!

  8. Sour

    Hi, sorry this is probably a bit rude, but are you guys still continuing translating this? Thanks!

    • Amarelis

      Yes we are, and we just did 🙂

      • Sour

        omg, tysm! this is one of my favourite manga since it was a significant factor in motivating me to start learning how to skate

        • Amarelis

          That sounds great! It’s nice to hear that sensei’s work inspired to take up this amazing sport ♥

  9. bdshpaypa

    thank you for the translations, but will there be an update to the other remaining chapters?

    • Amarelis

      Yes, we’re working on it.

  10. A. Yang

    Hi, I’m just wondering, are still going to continue this???😅

    • Amarelis

      We just updated.

      • A. Yang

        Omg thank you so much😍

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