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Thanatos no Shisha New Release! [File No.1]

Our First Release and also our first joint as Limerent Void! Big thank you to the great fellows at Golden Roze Scans for giving us the chance to help them with this amazing story: Emissary of Thanatos, or how we like to call it “Thanatos no Shisha” (sounds really cool). There’s been plenty of people waiting for this, sorry for keeping you all in the tenterhooks! But here it is, finally!

Thanatos is a really interesting story, who deals naturally (as it has the name “death” on it) with people’s final moments of their lives, which situations dragged them to those final stages and how they have to deal with it, but it’s not only that, there’s much more into it that I’m just not mentioning because I don’t want to ruin anything, you just have to figure that out by yourselves by reading.

Thanks a lot to Ananda for her translation, File No.1 was so lengthy (she’s a genius), to Halalima for her neat proofing, Hassliebe for helping me with the QC’ing, to Golden Roze’s members (ofc!) who were so nice at edition, typesetting and final checking, they did an incredible job! Please leave them a thanks msg at their site! And a special thanks to Maria from b-i-e-r-u blog who introduced me to Thanatos, she also gave us some material for next volumes and of course, for her great taste in things, thanks dear friend!

I don’t want to hold you any longer, so go ahead and read the first chapter 😉

Thanatos no Shisha – File No.1


  1. Gaby

    I found this first chapter very interesting and intriguing, the art is amazing. Thanks a lot!

    • Amarelis

      The art is really gorgeous, this actually is the first volume entirely, the thing is that one volumes is actually one “file” or chapter.

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