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Onee na Kareshi to Boyish Kanojo

Associated Names: オ ネ エ 彼女 彼女 | Womanly Boyfriend and Boyish Girlfriend
Author:  Koga Shirou
Genre:  Josei, Drama, Comedy
Length:  5 volumes (complete)
Related Series:  None.
Original Publisher:  Shueisha.
English Publisher:  None.
Year: 2014

Summary: A boyish lady and a feminine young man. They share a very special bond, but everyday life issues threat their delicate relationship, could their love be stronger than society’s prejudices? Meet Nobuko and her protective yet tender boyfriend Chiyohiko and the friends who accompany them in this crazy ride that we call “life and human relationships”.


Volume 1


  1. Kolapon

    I really love this manga! I hope you update soon!

  2. Kolapon

    I really like this manga! Would you be continuing it?

    • Amarelis

      We just updated.

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