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Ii ne! Hikaru Genji-kun [New Project Bundle Release ch01-06]

Today I come with one of the most expected projects from LVS staff, Genji-kun’s contemporary crusade brang to you by one of our most beloved mangaka, Est Em sensei. We’re extremely happy to see this happen, because we’ve been literary working on this for more than a year. It’s been so damn long that it feels like a daydream coming true, not exaggerating at all. We got the book back in 2016, thanks to a dear friend Johanna, who bought it for us and during 2017 we dedicated to translate the whole book and Genji’s haikus were one hell of a topic of discussion in our fb chats *laughs*

I want to thank a thousand times to two of the people who worked their as*es off to bring you these chapters today, Aya, Halalima and Kokiden. Aya with her super fast hands for typesetting and edition, Halalima with her great help in proofing and Kokiden with her usual neat translations. Working with you it’s always a pleasure. Also, a big thanks to Eme for helping with some sfx and complex pattern reconstructions and Unagi-san for providing a nice credits page.

We hope to release the rest of chapters in less than what? A year and a half? *sighs* So in order for that not to happen, I humbly ask you people to join us so we can release chapters and projects faster and more steadily. Cleaners, Typesetters and Editors are very much appreciated. We are kinda covered with translations, but if anyone is interested in that field, we have a bunch of titles awaiting for English scripts. So please, readers spread the word.

Now, enjoy your reading~

🌸 Ii ne! Hikari Genji-kun – Chapters 01-06


  1. Miomaomoo

    Thank you so much!

  2. cats

    Thank you very much!

  3. orquidea_negra1

    Thank you so much.

  4. sadwick

    Thank you!

  5. tokkei12

    Wow, thank you so much for this entire release! Yay for Est Em <3

  6. nyangachi

    Aw man I was TL-ing this because I thought nobody else had it. I got through about 5 chapters ; ;

    Been following it since magazine release in FEEL YOUNG, but due to being a working person, release was pretty slow. Anyway what a waste of my time, I’ll drop it, good luck and have fun.

    • Amarelis

      Well, we did announce it in our future list more than a year ago…We are huge fans of Est Em so I didn’t want to let this incredibly story to go unnoticed, we were following it very close aswell. Anyway, thanks for the cheering 🙂

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