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Happy Holidays Update! [True Blue Will Never Stain Double Release]

Hello everyone! It goes without saying how deeply sorry we are for not releasing much around LVS, it’s just well, this is a small side group, and wheneer I wanted to update, sth came up and my plans had to be constantly delayed. But I’m trying my best to revive Limerent and make it up for all the time we’ve been silent 🙂

True Blue, and more specifically Yumi Tada’s works are one of my weaknesses, never had the chance to work her stuff and I always wanted to, now I managed to do so and I’m incredibly happy about it. I have the intention to work more of her things but for a start, True Blue seems to do a great job as a point of departure. Thanks a lot to Aya, Halalima and Kokiden for indulging me and work this, you’re the best ♥

Goes without saying, we’re in dire need of cleaners, typesetters and translators. If you like what we work and plan to do in the future, come on join us!~

Enjoy and Happy New Year!

True Blue – Chapter 01&02


  1. cats

    Thank you very much!
    Happy New Year!

  2. cinyuzulys

    Thank you very much and Happy New Year!!! ^_^

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