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New Release! [Dream Talking in the Hidden Mountain – Ch01]

Hi everyone! Today’s a new release type of post. We want to introduce this delightful project we’ve been working on for so long. Yin Shan Meng Tan or how we’d like to call it, Hidden Mountain. This is a title we longed for to release quite a lot, and it’s also from an artist I very much love and I’ve been following for ages, so it makes us really proud to be releasing it at last.  Thanks a lot to Halalima and Yeong, for translating this fine piece.

We hope you enjoy this first installment. Hopefully, there will be more in the future.

Note: due to the known current state of events on mdex, there’s only download available. 

Hidden Mountain – Chapter 01

Onee na Kareshi to Boyish Kanojo Update! [Volume 01 – Ch05]

Hi dear readers! Look who’s making a comeback! Our lovely tomboy x femboy couple ♥

Our deepest apologies for this ominous delay. We never forgot about Onee na Kareshi. Hopefully next releases will come in a more regular basis, we were sorting things together past days and we’ve find our way! So expect new chapters soon~

Thanks a lot to these 2 beautiful ladies, Parolles and Halalima.


💘 Onee na Kareshi to Boyish Kanojo – Volume 01 Chapter 05

Update! IPPO [Volume 03 – Ep.16-17]

Hello dear readers and faithfull followers of Limerent’s work. A year has passed, one that has been quite particular and also full of changes.

This release is brought to welcome this new year and also to treat those who patiently wait for our updates…Many thanks to IA, Grumpykit and of course Parolles. And a special mention to Lapin Peluche for their help.

Enjoy last couple of chapters from IPPO’s volume 3.

👞 IPPO – Volume 3 | Episodios 16-17

Ii ne! Hikari Genji-kun [Update! | Ch10-11 | v1 END]

Hi there lovely people. We’re trying to finish things around LVS, and today is Genji’s turn. Volume 1 should be done with this update. If anyone is wondering about the rest of volumes, well we’re trying to get our hands on raws, without much success unfortunately since due to worldwide situation is difficult to  acquire any sort of packages rn, so I’m battling myself to move onto digital. In the meanwhile, we’ll focus on finishing other titles.

Please, we’re in dire need for a person who can clean and typeset Onee na Kareshi. We have TL’ed scripts there piling up. PM me on discord if you’re interested in this particular project~

Many thanks to Aya, Halalima and Parolles for being a wonderful team and for completing Genji first volume ♥


🌸 Ii ne! Hikari Genji-kun – Chapter 10-11

Coming to a full circle… [Hoshi no Tokei no Liddell ~ v01-03]

Hoshi no Tokei no Liddell was our very first project and release, and it is also the first project we finish here at LVS. It’s been a beautiful journey. We fell in love with the story, the exquisite art, the aura that Hoshi transpires in every page and volume… We will certainly miss the characters and everything related. Uchida Yoshimi has left a big mark in our hearts and we hope to work more of her things, if we ever have the chance to come across her rare, hard to find titles.

Please make sure to leave your thanks to the staff involved: Ananda, Aya, Halalima and Parolles.

Enjoy this enigmatic read~

🏵Hoshi no Tokei no Liddell – Volume 01, 02 & 03

Ii ne! Hikaru Genji-kun [Update! | Ch07-08]

Hello everyone. Today’s turn is another Est Em title, one we’re very fond of. We haven’t had the opportunity to mention it here, I think I did on our Discord server though, but Ii ne! Hikaru Genji-kun has a second volume and we’re more than happy to see a continuation of our dorkie time traveller Genji-kun’s story. Please, thank Aya. Kokiden and Halalima for bringing you this lovely update~


🌸 Ii ne! Hikari Genji-kun – Chapters 07-08

Update! IPPO [Volume 02 – Ep.7 & 8]

Greetings everyone. After some time, we bring you two new installments of this exquisite series. Chapter 8 must be my favorite so far *swoons over tuxedos*. Thank you Grumpykit, IA and Kokiden for their great effort~

Remember we’re recruiting! Cleaners and Typesetters much needed, and a raw provider would be excellent aswell. Hit us up at limerent.void@gmail.com. Thanks!

Enjoy the read.

👞 Ippo – Volume 2 | Episodio 7 & 8

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