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Update! IPPO [ Volume 01 – Ep.3-5]

And with this we end Volume 01! Now up to Volume 02 if everything goes as expected. We have it all translated and cleaned, just working the typesetting out.

Thanks a bunch to Grumpykit, IA and Kokiden for their dedication and effort and Lapin Peluche for their great assistance  💖💪

Guys, I don’t like to spam with recruiting announcements, but we seriously need a JAPANESE TRANSLATOR for our seinen titles, specially for Chrono Crowd and Kamijo Atsushi’s stuff. I started cleaning Aka x Kuro, the first chapters are done but I don’t have any translator assigned. I’m also entertaining the idea of working Muyung by Takahashi Tsutomu, but I don’t want to invest myself in projects that will hardly be released with no translators at sight . I’ll be more than grateful with just one person interested. Hit me up at for inquiries,  we also have a discord so you can reach me out there aswell~ We’ll appreciate enormously the help, we need some blood transfusion here :’)

Anyway, enjoy your reading!

👞 IPPO – Volume 01 Ep 3, 4 & 5  (end v1)

New Relese! Est Em’s IPPO [ Volume 01 ch0-2]

We bring you a much awaited project. Est Em’s IPPO. I’m a big fan of Est Em’s, together with Kokiden, we’ve worked many of her things, so imagine our joy when we realized we could bring this title to life. Several people are involved and it wouldn’t have been possible with the help of many friends: Lapin Peluche team, Kokiden (ofc), IA (one of our new cleaners) and Grumpykit (our new proofer). I helped with QC but the merit is all the girls’~

I hope you enjoy this new title because it’s been done with so much love and care. Enjoy! And don’t forget we’re recruiting, all positions open.

👞IPPO – Volume 01 Chapters 0, 1 & 2

Onee na Kareshi to Boyish Kanojo Update! [Volume 01 – Ch04]

Happy Holidays everyone! January is near the end, wow time sure flies. We hope you’re having a nice beginning of the year though.

I thought it’d be nice to open this year’s first release with something cheerful and sweet, so Onee na Kareshi is here for you enjoy~ Thanks to everyone involved: Kokiden and Halalima.

Don’t forget we’re still recruiting guys! Cleaners, Typesetters and a Graphic Designer would be very nice to speed things up here. You know that our releases are quite infrequent, that could be easily remedied if we have at least two more people working steadily on cleaning and typesetting departments. Spread the word!~ Thanks!

Onee na Kareshi to Boyish Kanojo – Volume 01 Chapter 04

Onee na Kareshi to Boyish Kanojo Update! [Volume 01 – Ch03]

Apologies for the lack of updates! So here’s a small treat for those who are following this couple. Thanks a bunch to Kokiden and Halalima (I helped with cleaning and typesetting), and please welcome our new proofreader: Grumpykit!

We’re recruiting guys, anyone interested in filling the position of cleaner/typesetter/translator is welcome to join us~

Enjoy the reading!

 Onee na Kareshi to Boyish Kanojo – v01 ch03

Sk8r’s Section 04 [Update!]

We’re getting closer to the end of volume 01, it’s been a long ride up here. Akio’s going out of town and meeting new and interesting people, plus his first encounter with a…bowl *lol*
Please, show your gratitude to the people who made possible this release: Dandy, for his cleaning, Kokiden for her translation plus qc’ing and me, your loyal servant filling all the gaps to get the job done :’)

Remember that we’re recruiting guys. We need serious help with CLEANING, TYPESETTING AND TRANSLATION. We’ve bought a bunch of things, we’ve started a few other and we also need to finish what we already got. Limerent wants to grow but with so little help that’s virtually impossible to achieve. So join us and let LVS become a lil’ bit bigger than it was yesterday~
Some of the titles we need help with are Kamijo Atsushi’s Aka x Kuro and Sex; Ippo by Est Em; Chrono Crowd by Yuki Izumi; Onee na Kareshi to Boyish Kanojo and True Blue (these ones needs help with both cleaning and typesetting to continue with next chapters).

Enjoy the read~

👾Sk8r’s – Section 04


Associated Names: リンボ・ザ・キング
Author: Tanaka AI
Genre: Josei, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Drama
Lenght: 4 volumes (ongoing)
Related Series: None
Original Publisher: Kodansha
English Publisher: None
Year: 2016

Summary: Adam suffers a serious injury during a military mission. While expecting honourable discharge, he’s unexpectedly put in charge of a secret mission: to investigate a “sleeping sickness” that was supposed to have been eradicated 8 years ago. To do so he must team up with Rene, the man who had been in charge of curing this mysterious illness in the past. (From MU)


Associated Names: 人馬
Author: Sumiyoshi RYO
Genre: Josei, Seinen, Historical, Fantasy, Mythological, Folklore
Lenght: 3 volumes (ongoing)
Related Series: None
Original Publisher: East Press
English Publisher: None
Year: 2016

Summary: A centaur race, known as Jimba, have lived in Japan since ancient times. However, humans regard them as tools of war and snatch away their dignity.
During the Sengoku period, a samurai Jimba named Matsukaze, known as the redheaded rock tiger, is caught while protecting his son. He is traded to a feudal lord, and taken to a feudal lord. There he meets another centaur, named Kohibari, whose village was burnt down as a child. He is a tame centaur, and had his arms amputated when he was captured. With his help, Matsukaze escapes with Kohibari. (From MU)

Onee na Kareshi to Boyish Kanojo Update! [Volume 01 Ch02]

Another chapter of this dorky and insanely cute couple!  Big thank you to Kokiden for the translation. I helped with edition, cleaning and typesetting.

Enjoy the reading~

 Onee na Kareshi to Boyish Kanojo – Volume 1 Chapter 02

Thanatos no Shisha v01 Part 01-02 [new version and new chapter]

Greetings, dear readers. I hope life finds you well, or death… that’s at least for our characters in Thanatos no Shisha.

We’ve been through some changes regarding this project, being on halt for such a long time, people coming and going, change of joints, Thanatos is finally able to go through the gates of updates and releases. Both groups involved worked pretty hard to bring you a revised version of the first part and the second one, so please leave a nice message on the box comment for the ones involved: Ananda, Kokiden and Jammin’ Scans.

We hope you enjoy this release and see you next time!

🌹Thanatos no Shisha – [Volume 1] Part 1&2


Here you can feel free to recommend us any title that piqued your interest and you’d like to see scanlated by us.

Please note that we won’t take titles that are already being worked by other teams, unless it’s been specifically stated why we would do such a thing. If a title seems dropped by a team, contact that team first and verify yourself it’s been rightfully abandoned in order for us to resume where it’s been left. We also want to mention that LVS is a very small group, so if you want a title to be done, we would consider it a common courtesy for the person who made the recommendation to lend a hand on the release of the aforementioned project, whether is typesetting, providing raws, editing or translating, this in case the title has been approved by the majority of LVS core team of course. If, unfortunately, you cannot provide any help, then the project most probably won’t get picked up, it will be placed at the bottom of the pending list or just plainly rejected due to lack of staff.

If you own a book or a certain series and you’d love to see it worked by us, then do not hesitate to contact us in order to provide the material and make the necessary arrangements for LVS to release that special title.

LVS focuses mainly on Josei and Seinen, but we’re open to any suggestion, we like to venture ourselves in the unknown and to experiment and meet new artists or old artists who never had the chance to make it big, we like underground series and avant-garde stories, anything that can provide an interesting perspective to what manga is~

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